University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest


SupervisorResearch areas
Prof. Mihaela-Marilena ALBUControl in DC and hybrid [micro]grids; Wide Area Measurement Systems including synchronized measurements; Efficient compression of measurement information and data; Smart metering technologies; Power Quality monitoring and control in emerging grids; contribution to international standardization
Prof. Emil CAZACUDesign and optimization of electromagnetic equipment; Power quality and energy efficiency studies in modern electric installations; Magnetic materials applications in electromagnetic systems.  
Prof. Costin CEPIŞCĂMeasurement Systems; Metrology; Power Quality.  
Prof. Florin CIUPRINAElectrical properties of materials; Modeling of electromagnetic phenomena in materials.  
Prof. Gabriela CIUPRINA Computational electromagnetics, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Multi-Physics Systems; Electronic Design Automation software tools; High-Performance Scientific Computing.  
Prof. Florin CONSTANTINESCUCircuit theory and design; Microelectromechanical systems; Power Systems.  
Prof. Aurelian CRĂCIUNESCUElectrical drives components and systems; Renewable electrical energy sources; Electric vehicles.  
Prof. Ioan-Dragoş DEACONUMachines and Electric Drives; Programmable Logic Controllers & Building Management Systems; Electric Mobility, Self Driving Vehicles & Driver Assistance Systems; Energy and Power Quality.  
Prof. Virgiliu FIREŢEANUFinite Element Analysis of Systems for Electro-mechanical and Electro-thermal Energy Conversion; Electromagnetic Processing of Materials; Computer-Aided Optimal Design of Electrical Machines.  
Prof. Dan FLORICĂUMultilevel power converters; Power electronics for renewable sources; Power factor correction structures.  
Prof. Laurenţiu-Marius DUMITRANInsulation systems for electrical equipment; Applied electrostatics; Modeling of electromagnetic phenomena.  
Prof. Neculai GALANMathematical models for AC electric machines; Micro-motors in electrical drive systems; Wind energy conversion.  
Prof. Doina-Elena GAVRILĂUse of thermal methods of analysis in the study of the behavior of polymeric insulating materials; Influence of environmental factors on the characteristics of solid insulating materials; Studies on the limits and operating parameters of high-temperature superconducting materials (HTS) used in superconducting generators.  
Prof. Constantin GHIŢĂElectrical Machines and Transformers; Electrical Drives; Renewable Power Sources and Energy Conversion.  
Prof. Sorin-Dan GRIGORESCUMeasurement and computer-aided instrumentation; Power quality; Distributed measurement systems.  
Prof. Ioan-Florea HĂNŢILĂElectromagnetic field computation; Nonlinear circuit analysis.  
Prof. Constanţiu-Daniel IOANComputational electromagnetics, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Bio- and Multi-Physics Systems; nano Electronic Design Automation – TCAD tools; High-Performance Scientific Computing.  
Prof. Florin IONESCUProtection of Power Semiconductor Devices; Power supplies and static power converters; Electrical systems and light sources with LEDs.
Prof. Valentin IONIŢĂElectromagnetic Design and optimization; Electromagnets, sensors, actuators, and other applications of technical magnetism; Magnetic materials – measurement, modeling, and design.  
Prof. Mihai IORDACHEElectric analog circuit theory and design; Electromagnetic energy wireless transfer; Simulation, parameter identification, and optimization electromagnetic systems; Coupled oscillator analysis.  
Prof. Liviu-Mario KREINDLERDigital control of electric machines; DSP controllers in electric drives; Motion Control.
Prof. Alexandru-Mihail MOREGAElectromagnetic fields, heat and mass transfer; Energy conversion and sources; Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics; Structural optimization.  
Prof. Mihaela MOREGABioelectromagnetism; Electrical engineering for medical applications.  
Prof. Valentin NĂVRĂPESCUMachines and Electric Drives; Programmable Logic Controllers; Digital Control of Electric Drives; Energy and Power quality; Renewable Energy Sources.  
Prof. Petru NOŢINGHERMaterials for electrotechnics; Insulation Systems; Monitoring and diagnosis of electrical equipment condition.  
Prof. Mihai-Octavian POPESCUSwitching phenomena; Quality, diagnosis, and EMC; Renewable energy sources.  
As. Prof. Lucian-Gabriel PETRESCUAnalysis and modeling of the magnetic materials; Advanced characterization of magnetic materials; Numerical analysis of the electromagnetic field; Study of the magnetic materials influence in electromagnetic devices.
As. Prof. Cristina SĂRĂCINControl and remote monitoring of electrical equipment within industrial processes; Intelligent systems oriented on the domains of low and high voltage electrical installations; Management of electrical energy distribution systems at the level of industrial and domestic consumers
Prof. George-Călin SERIŢANMethods and tools to identify and predict the power quality parameters; Bio-medical instrumentation and measurements; Modern monitoring and optimization systems; Modern technologies for electrical equipment.  
As. Prof. Cristina STANCUElectrotechnical materials; Lifetime estimation of electrical equipments; Degradation and aging of materials.
As. Prof. Marilena STĂNCULESCUElectromagnetic field computation;  Wireless power transfer; Electrical circuits and electrical machines
Prof. Cezar FLUERAŞU *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Alexandru FRANSUA *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Horia GAVRILĂ *)Magnetic materials; Magnetic recording; Magnetic sensors.  
Prof. Carmen GOLOVANOV *)Electrical engineering
Prof. Florin MANEA *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Corneliu MARINOV *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Constantin NEMOIANU *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Valerie PANAITE *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Brânduşa PANTELIMON *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Dan-Alexandru PAVELESCU *)Power Apparatus and electrical systems using high vacuum; Electrical discharges in high vacuum and applications; High Voltage D.C. Electrical Distribution Networks (HVDC).  
Prof. Fănică SPINEI *)Electrical engineering  
Prof. Florin TOMESCU *)Electrical engineering  

*) Associate doctoral supervisor

In memoriam

Prof. Constantin BÂLĂ
Prof. Mircea COVRIG
Prof. Alexandru FRANSUA
Prof. Răzvan MĂGUREANU
Prof. Augustin MORARU
Prof. Constantin NEMOIANU
Prof. Constantin RĂDUŢI